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French Gerleman is an authorized distributor of Light Efficient Design products and technologies. If you need immediate assistance or do not see the specific items you need, please contact us toll free at 855-305-5027 or

Light Efficient Design, launched their LED light bulb business in 2008, under the ownership of Tim Taylor, a seasoned professional with decades of electrical distribution experience. The company was built upon the strident effort to lead the industry with innovative screw-in LED retrofit manufacturing. Company values include distributor and ESCO relationship loyalty, product quality and innovation. Light Efficient Design is renowned for service excellence.


LED in 60 Seconds | Flex Color Bollards

Solera Hybrid 365 Area Light Overview

LED Temporary Work Lights



Modern Solar Lighting Fixtures Use New Technology to Deliver Affordability & Reliability in One Solution

Not long ago, you had two options when considering solar lighting solutions for your project. On one end of the spectrum was cheap, low quality lighting solutions that offered no warranty and were not suitable for professional use. On the other end were bulky, multi-component solutions that were expensive and very labor-intensive to install. French […]

Light Efficient Design Hybrid Solar

Hybrid Solar – Performance Expectations

Hybrid LED area lights that use both solar and line voltage power, are just now hitting the market. This technology is so new that UL had to create a new lighting category when it certified the Solera Hybrid 365 fixture manufactured by Light Efficient Design. So, what can you expect regarding performance – exactly how ‘hybrid’ are these fixtures? […]

Pros & “Need-To-Knows” of Off-Grid Solar Lighting

It is exciting to finally have solar panel, battery and LED technologies advanced enough to allow for all-in-one solar lighting fixtures. As with any new technology, there are both pros & need-to-know requirements that you must understand as you make your off-grid solar lighting purchase. Our experts at Solera Solar Lighting have put together a short list that covers both the positives and limitations. […]

Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying Off-Grid Solar Lighting

As solar lighting manufacturers, we’ve learned what customers want and need to know about solar fixtures. We picked our top five findings about off-grid solar lights to share with you. Off-grid solar fixtures work independently of the power grid (aka line voltage) and are entirely dependent on solar power. Off-grid solar lighting is the solution for illuminating areas where it’s not possible or cost prohibitive to install wiring to line voltage. […]



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