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Dialight Lighting Light Industrial LED High Bay | French Gerleman

LED Light Industrial

Dialight Lighting Hazardous Area LED High Bays | French Gerleman

LED Hazardous Area

Dialight Lighting 50'-100' Mounting Height LED High Bays | French Gerleman

LED Mounting Height

Dialight LED Lighting Low Profile Top Conduit Linear | French Gerleman

LED Linear Fixtures

Dialight LED Lighting Polycarbonate Lens Area Light | French Gerleman

LED Area Lights

Dialight Lighting LED Floodlights | French Gerleman

LED Floodlights


Dialight is the world leader in LED industrial lighting technology with millions of LED fixtures installed worldwide. Our story began in 1938 in Brooklyn, NY, where we produced instrument panel lights for aircraft. In 1971, just one year after the introduction of the LED, we launched our first LED product. Since then, we have revolutionized the use of LEDs and ONLY LEDs, to provide superior lighting for traffic control, indicators, structural towers and industrial work sites around the world. Learn more about our products and people in our company video.

Our customers operate their businesses in harsh industrial environments requiring advanced lighting that is efficient, supports productivity, and above all, ensures the safety of their employees.

Traditional lighting technologies such as Metal Halide, Fluorescent and High Pressure Sodium, require significant and frequent maintenance. Work sites and plants must stock many different types of lamps, ballasts and other fixture components to maintain these systems. These older technologies have short lifespans, poor lumen maintenance and contain material harmful to our environment. When designed properly, LED systems can offer superior energy efficiency, reliability, longevity, improved light levels, visual clarity, and ultimately cost savings from reduced or eliminated lighting related maintenance, certified lamp recycling and of course energy costs.

That’s why we specialize ONLY in LED lighting.



Dialight Vigilant High Output High Bay - Low Profile

Dialight & OQ Chemicals

The Dialight Difference

Dialight IntelliLED Controls

Dialight Corporate Video

Dialight Reliant™ High Bay

Industrial LED Lighting 101

Choosing the Right Fixture for Your Application

Debunking the LPW Myth


Industrial Energy Saving Strategies to Reduce Cost and Environmental Impact

How can we reduce the environmental impact of our operations? It’s a question more and more manufacturers are asking themselves these days. As companies look to become better stewards of the communities they serve, one of the most tangible ways to lessen the ecological carbon footprint of a manufacturing facility is to decrease the amount […]

How to Improve Safety Through Industrial Lighting Design

From the PPE your team wears to the lubricant that keeps your machines humming, there’s not a detail of your industrial operation that doesn’t account for the safety and wellbeing of your team. But depending on the type of lighting in your facility, you may be creating a less safe workspace than you think. […]

Dialight Lighting Reliant LED High Bay | French Gerleman

Dialight's New Reliant™ LED High Bay

When you’re considering lighting options for your industrial facility, you probably have a checklist of requirements. Is the fixture energy-efficient? Is it easy to install? Will it properly light the space? Is it durable and will it deliver the best value? With this new fixture from Dialight, you may have found the solution to answer […]

Dialight Lighting Vigilant LED High Bay | French Gerleman

Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bays

There’s a reason Dialight high bays are the world’s most widely-installed LED high bay. Dialight’s Vigilant LED High Bays are ultra-high-efficiency, corrosion resistant, and ideal for the toughest environments. LEDs are known for their efficiency, but not all are resilient enough for heavy industry. The Vigilant LED High Bay is incredibly durable, and ideal for […]



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