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  • Ceiling Frames-Flange Kits
  • Dimmer Switches
  • Dusk-to-Dawn Security Lighting 
  • Electronic Compact Fluorescent Ballasts
  • Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts
  • Emergency Lighting Accessories
  • Fluorescent – Circline
  • Fluorescent – Coated
  • Fluorescent – Compact
  • Fluorescent – Linear
  • Fluorescent – U-Bent
  • Fluorescent Emergency Ballasts
  • Fluorescent Strip Lighting
  • HID – High Pressure Sodium
  • HID – Mercury Vapor
  • HID – Metal Halide
  • Halogen – A-Line
  • Halogen – Capsule
  • Halogen – Decorative
  • Halogen – Flood
  • Halogen – Linear
  • Halogen – Reflector
  • Halogen – Specialty
  • Halogen – Tubular
  • High Pressure Sodium Ballasts
  • Incandescent – Coated
  • Incandescent – Decorative
  • Incandescent – Flood Bulbs
  • Incandescent – General Purpose
  • Incandescent – Heat Lamps
  • Incandescent – Reflective
  • Incandescent – Specialty
  • Indoor High Bay Fixtures
  • Indoor Strip & Tape Lighting
  • Indoor Surface Mount Fixtures
  • Indoor Troffers
  • Indoor Wraparounds
  • LED – A-Line
  • LED – Decorative
  • LED – High/Low Bay Lamps
  • LED – Linear/Tubular
  • LED – Reflective
  • LED – Retrofit
  • LED – Specialty
  • LED – U-Bent
  • Light Fixture Arms & Brackets
  • Light Fixture Guards
  • Lighting Mounting Accessories



  • Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts
  • Metal Halide Ballasts
  • Miniature – Halogen
  • Miniature – Incandescent
  • Outdoor Vaporproof Light Fixtures
  • Outdoor Wallpacks
  • Recessed Lighting Accessories
  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures
  • Recessed Lighting Housings
  • Recessed Lighting Trims


Innovations for Brighter Lives and a Better World

How to Choose the Right LED Bulb

Phillips Lighting Tutorial LED Lights


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Lighting systems from Signify Philips help people feel comfortable, productive, and safe. They enhance spaces and transform environments. Their lighting systems combine world-class traditional and LED luminaires with analog and digital controls that let you deliver exactly the right illumination experiences, whenever and wherever you need them.

As leaders in the LED technology revolution, they create lighting systems that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction for a variety of industries including commercial and industrial applications. They focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences that enhance your brand, encourage social interactions, and revitalize communities.



Five Reasons Your School Should Consider LED Lighting Upgrades

Summer break is quickly approaching. It’s the time of year when students leave campus to frolic in the sunshine, attend camp or tackle summer internships. Meanwhile, facilities managers at schools and universities across the country are hard at work performing maintenance projects and upgrading various items around campus. There are many focus areas for the […]

Switch to LED Without Replacing Your Fixtures

Lighting upgrades can seem like a hassle, but they don’t have to be. With Philips InstantFit LED lamps, you don’t have to replace your existing fluorescent fixtures, or fully rewire anything to retrofit to LED. Time and labor costs are low, and long-term savings are high. Why Upgrade to LED? Of course we all know […]



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