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Consolet Enclosure,  12/13/IP65 NEMA, Steel 


Indoor Enclosure Air Conditioner, 460 VAC, NEMA 12 


Junction Box, 12 in L x 12 in W x 6 in D, NEMA 12 NEMA, Steel


Disconnect Enclosure With Handle, Latching Hardware 


 Free Stand Two-Door Disconnect Enclosure, Steel


Single Door Wall Mount Enclosure, NEMA 4/IP66, Steel



We offer 730+ nVent Hoffman Products in stock and ready to ship.

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  • Console & Consolet Enclosures
  • Current Transformer Enclosures
  • Disconnect Enclosures
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Enclosure Air Conditioners
  • Enclosure Coolers
  • Enclosure Data Pockets
  • Enclosure Door Stop Kits
  • Enclosure Door Switches
  • Enclosure Doors/Covers
  • Enclosure Drain Kits
  • Enclosure Environmental Mounting Access.
  • Enclosure Fan Guards
  • Enclosure Fans
  • Enclosure Grounding Hardware
  • Enclosure Handles
  • Enclosure Heaters
  • Enclosure Hole Seals
  • Enclosure Interior Panel Mounting Kits
  • Enclosure Latch-Lock & Handles
  • Enclosure Lighting Packs
  • Enclosure Lighting Packs – Accessories
  • Enclosure Mounting Accessories
  • Enclosure Mounting Feet and Castors
  • Enclosure Operator Adaptors
  • Enclosure Panels
  • Enclosure Pedestal Bases
  • Enclosure Pedestal Columns
  • Enclosure Shelves
  • Enclosure Thermal Controls
  • Enclosure Ventilators
  • Enclosure Window Kits
  • Enclosure Window, Louver, Filter Kits
  • Floor Mount Enclosures
  • Grounding Jumpers
  • Hinged Panel Mounts
  • Instrumentation Enclosures
  • Junction Boxes
  • Ladder Rack
  • Load Center Tough-Up Paints
  • Modular Enclosure Bases
  • Modular Enclosure Box Covers
  • Modular Enclosure Door Hardware
  • Modular Enclosure Doors
  • Modular Enclosure Frames
  • Modular Enclosure Internal Components
  • Modular Enclosure Miscellaneous


  • Modular Enclosure Mounting Accessories
  • Modular Enclosure Sub Panels
  • Modular Enclosures
  • Operator Interface Enclosures
  • PC & Work Station Enclosures
  • Pendant Arm System Components
  • Perforated Cable Trays
  • Pull Boxes
  • Pushbutton Enclosures
  • Raceway Drop Fittings
  • Rack/Cabinet Bases
  • Rack/Cabinet Casters
  • Rack/Cabinet Frames
  • Rack/Cabinet Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Rack/Cabinet Mounting Hardware
  • Rack/Cabinet Panels
  • Rack/Cabinet Shelves
  • Racks
  • Relay Racks
  • Runway Bends
  • Runway Brackets
  • Runway End Caps
  • Runway Mountings
  • Runway Splicing
  • Runway Straight Sections
  • Spray Paints
  • Terminal Block Strips & Barrier Blocks
  • Tray Brackets
  • Tray Hardware
  • Tray Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Wall Mount Cabinets
  • Wall Mount Enclosures
  • Wall Mount Racks
  • Wireway Connectors-Adaptors
  • Wireway Elbows
  • Wireway End Plate-Caps-Flanges
  • Wireway Hangers
  • Wireway Junction Boxes
  • Wireway Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Wireway Nipples
  • Wireway Reducers
  • Wireway Sealing Plates
  • Wireway Tees
  • Wireway Telescopic Fittings
  • Wireway Troughs & Gutters
  • Wireways
  • Workstation & Personal Heaters


French Gerleman is an authorized distributor of nVent HOFFMAN products and technologies. If you need immediate assistance or do not see the specific items you need, please contact us toll free at 800-333-3122 or

HOFFMAN offers more than 12,000 standard products as well as custom solutions backed by more than 70 years of enclosures experience. No matter what your environment or location, you can count on us for local and regional inventories, comprehensive agency certifications and global manufacturing.

HOFFMAN products are rigorously tested for dust infiltration, thermal cycling, salt fog corrosion, vibration resistance and many other standards to ensure they perform.



Get the solution you need when your business demands it.  The quick ship program, HOFFMAN on Demand, is designed to give you faster access to a full range of industry-leading enclosure and thermal management solutions from nVent HOFFMAN.

This quick ship program from nVent HOFFMAN ensures you have faster access to industry-leading enclosure and thermal management solutions. As an authorized HOFFMAN on Demand distributor, we have ready-to-ship, local stock of a full range of products fulfill virtually every application need, including:

  • Pushbutton, junction box, wall-mount, free-stand, floor-mount and modular enclosures
  • HMI and industrial wireway
  • Thermal management solutions
  • Accessories

You can rely on us to have the products you need available now.

Check out the full HOFFMAN on Demand items list.

HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center Provides Fast and Affordable Modified Enclosures

Take advantage of rapid, locally modified enclosures. As your local HOFFMAN Certified Modification Center, we are capable of drilling, tapping and milling in virtually any shape, size or enclosure material. By working with existing CAD files, you can easily order enclosures and back panels modified to your specifications from our local inventory, which dramatically improves lead time.

For in-stock enclosures, the typical turnaround is as little as one to three days, including local delivery. Previously, the lead time could be three weeks or more when ordering directly from Hoffman. No more waiting!

No measuring, no drilling and no cutting in the field. It doesn't get any easier!

Benefits Include:

  • Precise, clean holes and cutouts completed quickly and accurately.
  • Easy to order - we can quote a solution from your designs or existing CAD files.
  • No human errors or mistakes. If you end up modifying your own enclosure and make a mistake, you have to purchase a new enclosure and start over. We guarantee your custom enclosure will match your approved drawings.
  • Reduces risks from manually cutting with power tools.
  • Allows you to redirect your skilled personnel to other, more profitable tasks.
  • Lower project costs due to reduced labor and faster turnaround.

Key Capabilities:

Modification of enclosures up to 93" tall by 86" wide or back panels up to 92" tall by 94" wide

  • Can cut virtually any shape, size or material, including stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, plastic and composite
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Paint removal for electrical grounding


Custom Enclosure Modification Minimizes Human Error & Cuts Lead Times

An off-the-shelf solution has its advantages. It’s often the quickest and most affordable way to get what you need. But when selecting electrical enclosures, off the shelf doesn’t always cut it. Historically, that meant panel builders, OEMs, and end users had two options for making modifications to their enclosures or back panels. They could custom […]


Protect Your Equipment & Employees with Universal Free-Stand Enclosures from nVent HOFFMAN

With more than 75 years of industrial enclosure expertise, nVent HOFFMAN has paved the way as a leading manufacturer of systems designed to safely and reliably protect electronic controls and mission-critical electrical systems. And they’ve done it again with the new Universal Free-Stand enclosure product line. […]


French Gerleman Now Offering a New Range of IEC Rated Enclosure Solutions as an Authorized Distributor of nVent HOFFMAN’s Global IEC Enclosure Portfolio

Engineered to meet global enclosure ratings, the nVent HOFFMAN Global IEC Enclosure Portfolio accelerates the specification and assembly process through interchangeable accessories and tool-free assembly. French Gerleman is excited to offer nVent HOFFMAN’s new Global IEC Global Enclosure Portfolio. Designed for global specifications […]


Identify & Mitigate Thermal Issues with a Control Cabinet Cooling Audit

As the summer heat sets in, proactive identification of critical hot spots can mean the difference between equipment failure and cool running. Heat’s damaging effects can cause weak links in your control system. Failure to identify these potential issues can lead to an array of obstacles. With the current social distancing protocol in place across […]


Quick, Local Access to Enclosure & Thermal Management Solutions Now Available with HOFFMAN on Demand

Introducing HOFFMAN on Demand nVent HOFFMAN on Demand is a new quick ship program offering quick access to industry-leading enclosure and thermal management solutions. As an authorized HOFFMAN on Demand distributor, French Gerleman is committed to providing you swift access to ready-to-ship stock to help you meet your business needs. Our stock is based on […]





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