Support Systems for Improved Project Management
Project managers are always looking for a new way to help installers compress project schedules and cut costs without sacrificing load. Eaton’s 4Dimension strut system has completely changed how installers can build and install support systems. Join us to learn the time saving and financial benefits of incorporating this system and other tips to make your next project.

French Gerleman can assist and improve your project management and inventory control efforts with our Kitting and Product Staging services. We'll discuss the logistics of these services and the benefits of having French Gerleman deliver complete bills of materials in customizable kits to your workplace.

Are you compliant? How the 2018 Edition of NFPA 79 Affects VFD Installations for OEMs and End Users
Presented by William Dorrow, LUTZE, Inc.

An Update on Hazardous Locations, Products, and Codes
Presented by David Simmons, ABB Installation Products

Reliable Power Quality for Commercial and Industrial Facilities
Presented by Randy Laird, French Gerleman and Scott Ottenberg, SolaHD

Navigating Selective Coordination and Fuse Inventory
Presented by Phil Oberkirsch, French Gerleman and JT Sheehan, Mersen

Safe & Efficient Wire and Wiring Device Solutions
Presented by Alex Mckie, French Gerleman and Bill Roberson, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

Five Steps to Telecommunication and Data Center Bonding
Presented by Ted Davis, French Gerleman and Robert Klaviter, Panduit

The Next Level of Industrial LED Lighting
Presented by Kevin Smith, French Gerleman and Glenn Frazier, Dialight

Challenges in Food & Beverage Industry
Presented by William Dorow, LUTZE Inc.


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