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´╗┐The ability to connect the flow of information and data between your top floor and shop floor is known by many different names - Manufacturing 2.0, Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Enterprise, Industrial Ethernet, The Industrial Revolution, Smart Factory or Smart Manufacturing.

No matter what title is used, the goals and objectives remain the same - improve the integration between business systems and machines/equipment so manufacturers can make better, more informed and timely business decisions.

Are you prepared for smart manufacturing - improved data analytics, remote monitoring and increased mobility?  

One of the biggest challenges many manufacturers face in achieving their connected enterprise goals and objectives is getting Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) to work together. French Gerleman has helped many of our customers overcome that challenge. We fully understand both sides of your business and have the knowledge, resources and expertise to address existing roadblocks and move you closer to a business solution.

Every successful journey begins with a road map. No matter where your company is on the connected enterprise journey we can help you take the next step. French Gerleman and our connected enterprise solution partners can help formulate the right solution for your company. 

If you have just started to explore requirements, no problem, we can help you conduct a baseline assessment. We'll evaluate all aspects of your existing IT/OT infrastructure. In addition, we'll examine legacy processes and workflows that haven't been designed to take advantage of IT/OT convergence. 

Areas of examination include:

  • Information structure
  • Controls and devices
  • Networks 
  • Security

To discuss your assessment options contact your French Gerleman Account Manager today, complete the Next Step - Tell Us More Survey below or call us at 800-333-3122 to start the conversation. We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with greater connectivity and information sharing. 

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